Andrii Ovrashko
Systems Engineer
Cisco Systems
All levels

Target audience

Understanding of network basics

Required skill

Duration 11:00 — 15:00

Workshop: Cisco SD-WAN as a fabric for connection developing resources over the generic network

During this workshop participants would have a chance to:
- get familiar with SDN basics for WAN use-case;
- dive into overview and detail of Cisco SD-WAN architecture;
- light up most common SD-WAN use-cases for software developers;
- take part in Cisco SD-WAN demo;
- get QnA session with subject matter experts.


Andrii Ovrashko for last 7 years takes the position of Cisco Systems Engineer in Ukrainian representative office. For these years he covered technical aspects of building a holistic architectural approach for making Cisco portfolio up and running part of overall customers’ IT environment. A broad spectrum of interests and vivid mind make it possible to lead customers from generic RFI to a comprehensive vision of evolution in-house and multicloud connected IT for solving short-term and long-term business requirements.