Maxim Bezugly
Attracti S.a.r.l

Target audience

  • Software Architect
  • Senior Developers
  • DevOps Engineers

Required skill

Common sense
SDLC understanding

Duration 10:00 — 19:00, 8 hours.
Lunch 13:00 till 14:00

How to model complex projects and map it to affordable technologies

Imagine you were in architectural Shaolin for 8 hours. We will try right away from the 36th stage, and then return to the first and in a playful way, with warming up, cases and modeling, we will lead you through a series of challenges, including soft skills to substantiate your point of view.

The main result for you will be what the club of architects is strong in, this is a qualitative change in the mindset. You will learn how to better design and model, together we will link technologies with business goals and further with the DevOps culture.

Let's talk about complex things simply - DBA, MSA, Event Sourcing. Separate principles from technical implementations. You will understand how to make Kafka without Kafka and gain professional freedom.

The most valuable skills are not aging. In architecture, you will understand the principles that will be more effective in difficult working situations. Let's talk about the new one - KNative and the application architecture of the next years.


Maksym Bezuglyi, architect, Attracti S.a.r.l founder (Switzerland), 20 years in IT & management experience. 

An architect of complex software systems, the author of a process automation system in game development, a researcher of the management processes of GameDev teams in Asia and Europe